How to cope with school and friends!

Recently, I have just started sixth form and it was a massive step for me and my friends; some were leaving to go to college, some were staying and some old friends were coming back. It was a difficult time knowing that i wouldn’t see the people i saw every day for the past 5 years and it was going to be a struggle getting used to seeing new people every day for another 2 years, but life went on and before you know it Year 11 finished in July – all exams sat and nothing more we could do – very stressful. We said goodbye to everyone at graduation and i set off to France for 3 weeks. After the 3 weeks, I went on a trip called NCS – National Citizen’s service where I reunited with old friends and met some amazing people to share this incredible experience with.

Once that was over, it was time to go back to school. At first I was hesitant on going back as I wasn’t very sure on meeting new people and that my best friend wasn’t going to be there any more. I coped though; and went up that morning of the first day and the sixth form common room was crowded! It was so nerve-racking and it was hard to contemplate. My friend and I were so over-whelmed we had to take a step back and had to go outside to get some fresh air!

I got all the subjects I wanted and was extremely happy but also scared of who was going to be in my class. Luckily, I had friends in every class that I could sit with and be comfortable with speaking to and interacting with.

I have 10 lessons a week of Health and Social Care which only has about 15-20 people in the class, so it’s all very friendly and we’re like a family. Then there’s Psychology who are all lovely and most of the people are in my other classes so I get on really well with! Lastly, I take English Language and same with HSC and Psychology, some are in there too from other classes so it’s easy to get along with others.

However, as for break time though, it’s a little tougher. When I was in Year 11, I only used to hang around with one friend because things happened and it resulted in only having one friend at school, but now that they’ve all gone and new people have arrived I am able to sit with a group of lovely people (who went to my secondary school previous to sixth form) so I knew that i’d be able to talk to them and have a comfortable conversation with them each break and lunchtime. Everyone still has their distinct groups but I do feel we are more friendly with everyone and that we all share mutual interests in learning and further education. It really is a lovely atmosphere.

Friends can be tough though. Sixth form and college can be an extremely stressful time and friends come and go, new ones come and replace the old ones but the memories all stay. Making new friends can be excruciating if you’re used to seeing the same people all the time and have friends from such a little age when it was easier to make new friends; but now that everyone has found their type of friends and expectations are much higher – it can be quite difficult to be accepted for who you are and who people want you to be.

The main thing that runs through my head when I talk to new people is: do they like me for me or do they want me to change because I’m not like them or don’t live up to what they want.  Do people really need friends? Do they hold you back from what you want to do? Disturb you from your work so that you can go to town and buy a drink in Costa to have ‘girly chat’? Is it really worth it? It’s nice to have a break once in a while and to catch up with friends but is it really doing you any good?

To really succeed in life and to do what you want, you have to search for it and push yourself. It’s the actions you make which will determine on what the rest of your life will be. There’s always that saying ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’ and it carries on and on and it just won’t help. You need life goals. Plans. Starting points. Targets. That way you will succeed and do what you are best at – the only way that will happen is if you stop what you’re doing, stop playing jokes or procrastinating on facebook or twitter. Get your arse into shape and start now, because if you don’t start now, when will you?


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