Driving Lessons?! HUH

Okay, so some of you may or may not know that I am 17 and can now drive 😀 I’ve been learning to drive for over a month now (my first lesson was Wednesday 8th October and I was petrified! Now, though.. it’s incredible!

I still get nervous when I’m waiting around for him to come because I’m scared that I’m going to crash or stall the car or something haha! It’s fine though. I just learn from my mistakes.

I have had 7 lessons now and thoroughly enjoying it. The dark evenings and cold weather doesn’t help as I feel extremely tired meaning that I have to concentrate more on the road and what I’m doing. (urgh, I cannot multie task AT ALL). Either way, it doesn’t matter at all. My instructor is there to help me and hypothetically hold my hand (Actual words from today’s lesson)

Guaranteed some of you are wanting to know what I’ve done (If anyone actually reads this),

so i’l bullet point them underneath for you.

1st Lesson: Stopping and starting. There is no point in learning to drive if you don’t learn how to start the car and stop the car! Simple.

2nd Lesson: Left and right junctions. This is important to come to grips if you are rubbish at left and right! Luckily, I’m quite good at that so this was fine! We went over stopping and starting as well in this lesson just to recap what I had learnt.

3rd Lesson: Reversing and reversing around a corner. This terrified me! Reversing was a complete no no for me at the time and thinking in my head ‘crap, what if I steer wrong or go the wrong way etc.’ But i managed perfectly fine, although it was getting dark and it was hard to see where to stop to turn!

4th Lesson: 3 point turn. This scares me. My mum does it perfectly fine and at a average speed, but I had to keep going over in my head ‘slow feet, fast hands’ meaning to turn the wheel really quickly while keeping at a creeping speed. 3 point turn was okay but hit the curb several times but oh well! It happens :P.

5th Lesson: This was so much fun! we ended up recapping on 3 point turns and left and right turns too, but then he took me down by my old school to do emergency stops. Emergency stops. PLEASE DON’T! But actually, it wasn’t that bad; it was actually quite fun! It was getting to grips with break and then clutch and the break going down all the way. It was so much fun (it won’t be in a real life situation though!)

6th Lesson: The days are drawing to a close really quickly and my lesson was fully in the dark, meaning one thing: country road driving. I don’t know if I was more scared that I was driving, or that it was down single tracked roads in the dark! Either way, I managed fine and did a bit of gear stick improvement too so it wasn’t clunking too much when I changed gear. This was definitely my worst lesson. Purely for the fact that:

1. it was dark

2. I was driving

3. It was down a single tracked road

4. I accidentally turned the lights off and scared myself

5. The concentration is so much more intense which makes yourself even tired.

7th Lesson: This is my final lesson I have had so far and tonight we ended up doing Roundabouts. We have a spiral roundabout in the town I live in and I hate when my mum or sister drives over it, but I attempted it today and did really well :). We did loads of other little roundabouts and mini roundabouts. My clutch control was a bit off but I went over to a quiet street and did some clutch control on a little slope hill and was fine in the end.

It’s going amazingly, and honestly anyone who turns 17 should start to drive; it gives you so much more freedom! I haven’t done my theory test yet but hopefully I will get that booked in soon so I can take my test! Just need to get my head around reading the full question and answering them. haha!

Anyway, that’s it for this post. I need to figure out what I’m doing next week but I shall see you all soon 🙂

Peace out. (why?)


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