Top 5 favourite Books I have read

This post may seem boring to some people; however extremely helpful to others to see what they can read next. I am a massive book lover, and have been since my friend got me into reading more! I only used to read on holiday and in half term or sometimes only at school, but now that I do English Language at A Level I feel as though I have to read more to improve and widen my use of vocabulary as well as sentence structures and how the style of people’s writing differentiates from others to make it unique and special.

I don’t have any particular order as that would be quite hard; but i do have my most recent read which will come very last.

Before I go into any more detail, I have a wide genre range that I like. Usually, I stick to the ‘romantic’ styles, but I will sometimes veer to the dark, fantasy side for a little more exciting read.

1. ‘The Selection’ by Kiera Cass – I have yet to read the other two books in the trilogy, but this book by far is amazing. It’s almost a twist on the Hunger Games, but instead of fighting and dying, you end up fighting for the chance to marry the Prince. I don’t want to go into too much detail about any of the books I mention, but there are different ‘tributes’ as it were and America: the girl, has a secret boyfriend who wants her to enter this Selection to become Princess. Honestly, if you like Hunger Games, enjoy romantic books – this is definitely worth the read. It will keep you wanting to read the other books to see what happens.

2. Dark Secrets: Legacy of lies and Don’t tell by Elizabeth Chandler – So this book, I wondered what it as about; I read this on the beach, at the house, by the pool.. anywhere I could on holiday. It didn’t want to be put down; it wanted me to carry on reading it, so I did. Its not the style I would normally read due to paranormal activity and other spooky stuff happening, but I read it anyway and thoroughly enjoyed it. Took time to understand the concept of it but it was not like anything I have read. In a way, as I read it, it felt as though it was me experiencing the activities that were happening, I even had dreams about the book and imagining it as the character was me. Never have I experienced myself as a character from a book…in my dreams before. It was so real and awfully amazing.

3. The Fault in our Stars by John Green – No review is complete without a John Green piece of writing. It’s definitely something special. I would never have thought to grasp an insight into what it was like to be a cancer patient and fall in love with someone else. But this book moved me in different ways I didn’t think I would dream of feeling. It definitely takes away the thought of having cancer; I would say it’s more about the falling in love, having a good time and doing things that they love despite the cancer. Although it may seem a ‘lovey dovey’ and romantic but a shock does come towards the end and I don’t think I ever cried so much at a book before. It really grasps your connection with the book, making you feel sorry for the characters yet in a funny and sometimes humiliating way.

4. Diary Of a Wimpy Kid Series – Jeff Kinney – Ok. So this may come as a shock to you, but I don’t think I have enjoyed a kids book series as much in my life before. The way that it’s so basic and tells a story through the boys view adds to the magic of the books. It has an insight on to how school life, home life and friends and family life is; creating humour and sadness throughout. There’s a new one recently come out and I have to admit, I want it! But the older i get, the more I am going to grow out of the books, but I can either keep them for memory or give them to my cousins to read.

5. The last book, recently that I have read is ‘The manifesto on how to be interesting by Holly Bourne – Can we just take a minute to soak in all that happened. It’s about sixth form and forbidden loves, bullying and all kinds of other things. It really does have the insight into what sixth form life is like in our school : apart from the student falling in love with a teacher and running off to London for the day (I hope this hasn’t happened). This is the book that made me want to start this blog although not as intense or personal as too many people would start to ask questions or hate me. Maybe once, everything that had happened in this book has happened in real life and so many people can relate to it. So it’s all very exciting, really easy to get into and every single school/college has one of these people in it. If you don’t know who it is – it’s mostly likely to be you.

That’s it for this.. 5 books/series that I have enjoyed. I have many more books to read so my life will be wasted inside another person’s fictional/non-fictional life.

Talk soon,



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