Heels for tall girls?

I know I haven’t posted in a while, but I haven’t had anything to write about.

Basically, for the last 10 minutes/2-3 years I’ve been thinking about how tall do you have to be for it to make it OK to wear heels on a daily basis.

Being 5ft10 (177.8cm), I find it can be quite intimidating to wear heels just because you feel too tall against anyone else. Most of my friends are 5ft7/8 so I already feel like I tower over them even in flat shoes. I’m not really one to wear heeled boots or shoes due to being tall already. Is it OK to wear heels if you’re already tall?

Searching Yahoo answers and google, many people have said to embrace it, wear heels if you want to; you shouldn’t care how tall you are compared to anyone else as long as you feel confident in them. I mean, when I’m on my own with no one around me to compare height with I feel OK, but as soon as I stand next to someone who is smaller than me I immediately start to feel paranoid that people are judging me for my genetics and inheriting my height from my Grandma and Dad. I’m taller than my mum and nan but I love it(when I don’t wear heels); as soon as I put heels on though, I hate it.  I tower over them so much and in a way it makes me feel like a monster about to eat them. Hahaha.

I only own 3-4 pairs of heels and the only time I wear them is when my sister wears heels too, prom, other formal parties(which is hardly ever), or when I feel like feeling tall (which is rarely either).

I feel as though I need to try and be more confident within myself and then I may feel confident in wearing heels. Some guys are like ‘ew, why are you wearing heels when you’re tall already?’ yet love it when models who are 5ft11 wear them. It just doesn’t make sense. Is it because I’m not a model you don’t care, am I not hot enough to pull it off? HA. Although some guys absolutely love it because it just makes your legs look more amazing than they actually are but how do I know that? I can’t read minds.. I wish I could, but I can’t.

ahhh, tall girl problems. HELP. D:

Should I wear heels more often? I wouldn’t wear like skyscraper heels.. just like 2-3 inches, I don’t want to be a giant and hurt my feet just to feel fabulous. I may try and wear heels tomorrow. Prepare my feet and hopefully it may help me to become more confident and have better posture (I always stand up straight when I walk in heels, it feels more comfortable)

Anyway, until next time..


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