Heels for tall girls?

I know I haven’t posted in a while, but I haven’t had anything to write about.

Basically, for the last 10 minutes/2-3 years I’ve been thinking about how tall do you have to be for it to make it OK to wear heels on a daily basis.

Being 5ft10 (177.8cm), I find it can be quite intimidating to wear heels just because you feel too tall against anyone else. Most of my friends are 5ft7/8 so I already feel like I tower over them even in flat shoes. I’m not really one to wear heeled boots or shoes due to being tall already. Is it OK to wear heels if you’re already tall?

Searching Yahoo answers and google, many people have said to embrace it, wear heels if you want to; you shouldn’t care how tall you are compared to anyone else as long as you feel confident in them. I mean, when I’m on my own with no one around me to compare height with I feel OK, but as soon as I stand next to someone who is smaller than me I immediately start to feel paranoid that people are judging me for my genetics and inheriting my height from my Grandma and Dad. I’m taller than my mum and nan but I love it(when I don’t wear heels); as soon as I put heels on though, I hate it.  I tower over them so much and in a way it makes me feel like a monster about to eat them. Hahaha.

I only own 3-4 pairs of heels and the only time I wear them is when my sister wears heels too, prom, other formal parties(which is hardly ever), or when I feel like feeling tall (which is rarely either).

I feel as though I need to try and be more confident within myself and then I may feel confident in wearing heels. Some guys are like ‘ew, why are you wearing heels when you’re tall already?’ yet love it when models who are 5ft11 wear them. It just doesn’t make sense. Is it because I’m not a model you don’t care, am I not hot enough to pull it off? HA. Although some guys absolutely love it because it just makes your legs look more amazing than they actually are but how do I know that? I can’t read minds.. I wish I could, but I can’t.

ahhh, tall girl problems. HELP. D:

Should I wear heels more often? I wouldn’t wear like skyscraper heels.. just like 2-3 inches, I don’t want to be a giant and hurt my feet just to feel fabulous. I may try and wear heels tomorrow. Prepare my feet and hopefully it may help me to become more confident and have better posture (I always stand up straight when I walk in heels, it feels more comfortable)

Anyway, until next time..


Top 5 favourite Books I have read

This post may seem boring to some people; however extremely helpful to others to see what they can read next. I am a massive book lover, and have been since my friend got me into reading more! I only used to read on holiday and in half term or sometimes only at school, but now that I do English Language at A Level I feel as though I have to read more to improve and widen my use of vocabulary as well as sentence structures and how the style of people’s writing differentiates from others to make it unique and special.

I don’t have any particular order as that would be quite hard; but i do have my most recent read which will come very last.

Before I go into any more detail, I have a wide genre range that I like. Usually, I stick to the ‘romantic’ styles, but I will sometimes veer to the dark, fantasy side for a little more exciting read.

1. ‘The Selection’ by Kiera Cass – I have yet to read the other two books in the trilogy, but this book by far is amazing. It’s almost a twist on the Hunger Games, but instead of fighting and dying, you end up fighting for the chance to marry the Prince. I don’t want to go into too much detail about any of the books I mention, but there are different ‘tributes’ as it were and America: the girl, has a secret boyfriend who wants her to enter this Selection to become Princess. Honestly, if you like Hunger Games, enjoy romantic books – this is definitely worth the read. It will keep you wanting to read the other books to see what happens.

2. Dark Secrets: Legacy of lies and Don’t tell by Elizabeth Chandler – So this book, I wondered what it as about; I read this on the beach, at the house, by the pool.. anywhere I could on holiday. It didn’t want to be put down; it wanted me to carry on reading it, so I did. Its not the style I would normally read due to paranormal activity and other spooky stuff happening, but I read it anyway and thoroughly enjoyed it. Took time to understand the concept of it but it was not like anything I have read. In a way, as I read it, it felt as though it was me experiencing the activities that were happening, I even had dreams about the book and imagining it as the character was me. Never have I experienced myself as a character from a book…in my dreams before. It was so real and awfully amazing.

3. The Fault in our Stars by John Green – No review is complete without a John Green piece of writing. It’s definitely something special. I would never have thought to grasp an insight into what it was like to be a cancer patient and fall in love with someone else. But this book moved me in different ways I didn’t think I would dream of feeling. It definitely takes away the thought of having cancer; I would say it’s more about the falling in love, having a good time and doing things that they love despite the cancer. Although it may seem a ‘lovey dovey’ and romantic but a shock does come towards the end and I don’t think I ever cried so much at a book before. It really grasps your connection with the book, making you feel sorry for the characters yet in a funny and sometimes humiliating way.

4. Diary Of a Wimpy Kid Series – Jeff Kinney – Ok. So this may come as a shock to you, but I don’t think I have enjoyed a kids book series as much in my life before. The way that it’s so basic and tells a story through the boys view adds to the magic of the books. It has an insight on to how school life, home life and friends and family life is; creating humour and sadness throughout. There’s a new one recently come out and I have to admit, I want it! But the older i get, the more I am going to grow out of the books, but I can either keep them for memory or give them to my cousins to read.

5. The last book, recently that I have read is ‘The manifesto on how to be interesting by Holly Bourne – Can we just take a minute to soak in all that happened. It’s about sixth form and forbidden loves, bullying and all kinds of other things. It really does have the insight into what sixth form life is like in our school : apart from the student falling in love with a teacher and running off to London for the day (I hope this hasn’t happened). This is the book that made me want to start this blog although not as intense or personal as too many people would start to ask questions or hate me. Maybe once, everything that had happened in this book has happened in real life and so many people can relate to it. So it’s all very exciting, really easy to get into and every single school/college has one of these people in it. If you don’t know who it is – it’s mostly likely to be you.

That’s it for this.. 5 books/series that I have enjoyed. I have many more books to read so my life will be wasted inside another person’s fictional/non-fictional life.

Talk soon,


Driving Lessons?! HUH

Okay, so some of you may or may not know that I am 17 and can now drive 😀 I’ve been learning to drive for over a month now (my first lesson was Wednesday 8th October and I was petrified! Now, though.. it’s incredible!

I still get nervous when I’m waiting around for him to come because I’m scared that I’m going to crash or stall the car or something haha! It’s fine though. I just learn from my mistakes.

I have had 7 lessons now and thoroughly enjoying it. The dark evenings and cold weather doesn’t help as I feel extremely tired meaning that I have to concentrate more on the road and what I’m doing. (urgh, I cannot multie task AT ALL). Either way, it doesn’t matter at all. My instructor is there to help me and hypothetically hold my hand (Actual words from today’s lesson)

Guaranteed some of you are wanting to know what I’ve done (If anyone actually reads this),

so i’l bullet point them underneath for you.

1st Lesson: Stopping and starting. There is no point in learning to drive if you don’t learn how to start the car and stop the car! Simple.

2nd Lesson: Left and right junctions. This is important to come to grips if you are rubbish at left and right! Luckily, I’m quite good at that so this was fine! We went over stopping and starting as well in this lesson just to recap what I had learnt.

3rd Lesson: Reversing and reversing around a corner. This terrified me! Reversing was a complete no no for me at the time and thinking in my head ‘crap, what if I steer wrong or go the wrong way etc.’ But i managed perfectly fine, although it was getting dark and it was hard to see where to stop to turn!

4th Lesson: 3 point turn. This scares me. My mum does it perfectly fine and at a average speed, but I had to keep going over in my head ‘slow feet, fast hands’ meaning to turn the wheel really quickly while keeping at a creeping speed. 3 point turn was okay but hit the curb several times but oh well! It happens :P.

5th Lesson: This was so much fun! we ended up recapping on 3 point turns and left and right turns too, but then he took me down by my old school to do emergency stops. Emergency stops. PLEASE DON’T! But actually, it wasn’t that bad; it was actually quite fun! It was getting to grips with break and then clutch and the break going down all the way. It was so much fun (it won’t be in a real life situation though!)

6th Lesson: The days are drawing to a close really quickly and my lesson was fully in the dark, meaning one thing: country road driving. I don’t know if I was more scared that I was driving, or that it was down single tracked roads in the dark! Either way, I managed fine and did a bit of gear stick improvement too so it wasn’t clunking too much when I changed gear. This was definitely my worst lesson. Purely for the fact that:

1. it was dark

2. I was driving

3. It was down a single tracked road

4. I accidentally turned the lights off and scared myself

5. The concentration is so much more intense which makes yourself even tired.

7th Lesson: This is my final lesson I have had so far and tonight we ended up doing Roundabouts. We have a spiral roundabout in the town I live in and I hate when my mum or sister drives over it, but I attempted it today and did really well :). We did loads of other little roundabouts and mini roundabouts. My clutch control was a bit off but I went over to a quiet street and did some clutch control on a little slope hill and was fine in the end.

It’s going amazingly, and honestly anyone who turns 17 should start to drive; it gives you so much more freedom! I haven’t done my theory test yet but hopefully I will get that booked in soon so I can take my test! Just need to get my head around reading the full question and answering them. haha!

Anyway, that’s it for this post. I need to figure out what I’m doing next week but I shall see you all soon 🙂

Peace out. (why?)

How to cope with school and friends!

Recently, I have just started sixth form and it was a massive step for me and my friends; some were leaving to go to college, some were staying and some old friends were coming back. It was a difficult time knowing that i wouldn’t see the people i saw every day for the past 5 years and it was going to be a struggle getting used to seeing new people every day for another 2 years, but life went on and before you know it Year 11 finished in July – all exams sat and nothing more we could do – very stressful. We said goodbye to everyone at graduation and i set off to France for 3 weeks. After the 3 weeks, I went on a trip called NCS – National Citizen’s service where I reunited with old friends and met some amazing people to share this incredible experience with.

Once that was over, it was time to go back to school. At first I was hesitant on going back as I wasn’t very sure on meeting new people and that my best friend wasn’t going to be there any more. I coped though; and went up that morning of the first day and the sixth form common room was crowded! It was so nerve-racking and it was hard to contemplate. My friend and I were so over-whelmed we had to take a step back and had to go outside to get some fresh air!

I got all the subjects I wanted and was extremely happy but also scared of who was going to be in my class. Luckily, I had friends in every class that I could sit with and be comfortable with speaking to and interacting with.

I have 10 lessons a week of Health and Social Care which only has about 15-20 people in the class, so it’s all very friendly and we’re like a family. Then there’s Psychology who are all lovely and most of the people are in my other classes so I get on really well with! Lastly, I take English Language and same with HSC and Psychology, some are in there too from other classes so it’s easy to get along with others.

However, as for break time though, it’s a little tougher. When I was in Year 11, I only used to hang around with one friend because things happened and it resulted in only having one friend at school, but now that they’ve all gone and new people have arrived I am able to sit with a group of lovely people (who went to my secondary school previous to sixth form) so I knew that i’d be able to talk to them and have a comfortable conversation with them each break and lunchtime. Everyone still has their distinct groups but I do feel we are more friendly with everyone and that we all share mutual interests in learning and further education. It really is a lovely atmosphere.

Friends can be tough though. Sixth form and college can be an extremely stressful time and friends come and go, new ones come and replace the old ones but the memories all stay. Making new friends can be excruciating if you’re used to seeing the same people all the time and have friends from such a little age when it was easier to make new friends; but now that everyone has found their type of friends and expectations are much higher – it can be quite difficult to be accepted for who you are and who people want you to be.

The main thing that runs through my head when I talk to new people is: do they like me for me or do they want me to change because I’m not like them or don’t live up to what they want.  Do people really need friends? Do they hold you back from what you want to do? Disturb you from your work so that you can go to town and buy a drink in Costa to have ‘girly chat’? Is it really worth it? It’s nice to have a break once in a while and to catch up with friends but is it really doing you any good?

To really succeed in life and to do what you want, you have to search for it and push yourself. It’s the actions you make which will determine on what the rest of your life will be. There’s always that saying ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’ and it carries on and on and it just won’t help. You need life goals. Plans. Starting points. Targets. That way you will succeed and do what you are best at – the only way that will happen is if you stop what you’re doing, stop playing jokes or procrastinating on facebook or twitter. Get your arse into shape and start now, because if you don’t start now, when will you?

First ever post! (eek)

Hello people of the internet!

So this is my first ever blog post. I was quite hesitant on starting as there are so many wonderful and creative blogs that everyone reads, making me feel more nervous about starting one to “add to the collection”; but here I am anyway.

I’m super excited but also very nervous too, so please bare with me if anything goes wrong or something! Haha.

So this first ever post is going to be finding out facts about me and a little insight into my life.

What is your name? Olivia Rose Fowler

How old are you? I am 17 years of age

Do you have any brothers or sisters? I have a older sister, who is 21 and a twin brother (I’m the oldest though so it’s fine! haha)

Why are you called Mysterious fruit? Well, I was talking to one of my best friends about what to call this blogpost and I was really struggling, but then someone suggested that I am very mysterious so my best friend said “Why don’t you call it ‘Mysterious Fruit’ because you’re Mysterious and we call you Olive” – so yeah. Story behind it. I may change it in the future, but for now it’s Mysterious Fruit. If you have any other suggestions please don’t hesitate!

What is your earliest memory? My earliest memory was of me and my family going to london for the day to meet up with my Auntie. We went on the London Eye and went to Hyde park which was amazing! I can also remember having an ice-cream that was all around my mouth because it was so delicious! Then my auntie took us into Hamley’s toyshop and stood in awe at how amazing it was; this was when I got my first ever box of Lego!

Do you remember your first day of school? Yes, quite well actually. I was very nervous but knew that very soon after settling in I will enjoy it so much I wouldn’t want to leave. We were given our classes and teachers to meet with the other students. There was one girl who I became instant friends with but didn’t know how to spell her name, so the first thing I remember asking her was how to spell it. Thinking back that was a massive cringe! Although we became the best of friends and still are, after 13 years.

How tall are you? Most people who ask me how tall I am are really shocked! But I am 5 ft 10 and proud!

Are you in college? No, I’m not. I go to sixth form and in my first year.

What subjects do you take? I take English Language, Psychology and Health and Social Care

What is your favourite colour? I like all colours, but my all-time favourite colours are: Duck egg blue, mint green and burgundy.

Who is your favourite comedian? I absolutely love Michael Mcintyre – my sister was generous and brought me and my brother tickets to go and see him next year. SO excited! I also love Lee Evans and Russell Howard though.

Have you ever had an accident? My brother cracked my head open for me! It hurt so much. Ended up sitting in A & E waiting for it to be glued back together. He hit me round the head with a golf club. Not fun!

Do you consider yourself to be beautiful? Everyone is beautiful in their own way. It doesn’t matter if you have flaws because that is what makes you different to everyone else. No human is ever the same – even identical twins are not exactly identical. They will have freckles in different places and some may have some moles and the other doesn’t; we are all different even if people say we aren’t, we actually are. I do think I am beautiful – I’m not meaning to sound full of myself – but I do think so. I am in my own way and that is all that matters.

Have you ever had/do you have a job? Yes, I do have a job. I work in W.H.Smith. Last Christmas i worked in T K Maxx but it was only Christmas Temporary, so after Christmas I didn’t have one.

If you had to choose, family or friends? Friends come and go, but family are forever. Even if I do love my friends, they do come and go.. but family is unconditional love and you should love them no matter what happens.

Do you believe that you have a lot to learn? Most definitely. Not everyone in their lifetime knows everything so even at the age of 90, people still have a lot to learn. Others are more experienced than others but still have a lot to learn within that, whether it is new information or learning to teach others.

Do you believe in fate, that everything happens for a reason, or do you think that our actions lead the way? I definitely think that your actions lead the way. It’s like when people say that they are lucky to win the lottery, well they chose to buy a ticket, it was the actions of the lottery spinner that determined what numbers were chosen. I know people believe in fate and that everything does happen for a reason but I really think that is far-fetched.

Do you find wishing for things a waste of time because everything that’s meant to happen, will happen? I definitely think that wishing can be a waste of time. The universe is a very unique place that things do happen when they’re meant to. I think wishing can give people a sense of hope and security that their wishes will come true, if they work for it.

What are you interests? I do enjoy quite a lot. This blogpost i enjoyed making very much! I also like to swim, read books, learn about new things daily, watch movies, talking to new people and singing (i’m not very good at it though :S but who cares;)?

Well that is a little insight into me and what I believe in! Sorry if it was boring, but this isn’t going to be all what I’ll be writing about!

Thank you for taking the time to read this if you do and I shall hopefully post very soon.

Mysterious Fruit out (really sorry about the name)